BlackCyberTurkey Sale!

* Events: BlackCyberTurkey Sale (Nov.24-28)
* Events: Advent Calendar (Dec.1-25)
* Group Join Fee in December
* New Product: Inkwell

Events: BlackCyberTurkey Sale

Who needs Back Friday?  We smash the whole holiday into one event we call BlackCyberTurkey. All gift cards are HALF OFF this Thursday through Monday (November 24-28, 2016).  Note: this event is for group members only... except for a special deal at the SuperSalesWeekend kiosk, where anyone can pick up our 100L and 50L gift cards for 50% off (Friday-Sunday).

YES, the gift cards are transferrable.  YES, they are good through Christmas (or however long you keep them).  YES, they work at all our vendors.

Come and get them half off!

Events: Advent Calendar

Our annual Advent Calendar begins on December 1.  Make plans to come each day for a new, free gift!  Presents will range from jewelry to decor to clothing and... well, we always throw in a few strange and unusual things.  Just because!

And yes, items will always be as unisex as possible... because we love the neglected menfolk of SL!

Notice: Group Join Fee in December

We want to offer something special for loyal group members in December.  This includes extra discounts, deals, and gifts.  Therefore, we will be instituting our first group join fee, ever, through the month of December 2016.  Please urge your friends to join our in-world group before November 30.

New Product: Inkwells

These beautiful glass creations come with a stylized quill.  They have custom baked textures, specular maps, and bump maps to bring out the ridges and flowers embossed in the golden metal.  The quill is a hand-painted, custom mesh art piece designed to brighten your study, desk, or studio.  Unscripted, 1LI, 100% mesh.

Regular price: 199L
Group Discount: 20% at our "New & Sale" building

Cobalt (blue)





That's it for now.  Enjoy your holiday weekend!  *HUGS*

~Wyvern Dryke


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