Twisted & Steam Hunts! Gacha! Twisted Jewelry & Weekend Sales!

Hello ~Lantian/Flox~ Friends!
There is plenty happening at our store right now.  You should come have a look. :)

In this Edition:
- Steam XII Hunt & Twisted Hunt
- Twisted Coordinating Gifts
- Gacha: Moonstar Necklaces & Cuffs
- Weekend Sales

Steam XII Hunt Gift
Hunt For Free Gifts

First, Twisted and Steam Hunts are in full swing.  We are proud to be a sponsor of both Steam and Twisted, this year!  Both hunts run until March 31, 2017.

On the right is our Steam XII prize.  It is a moon chair, complete with a rocky moon outside and bleu cheese on the inside.  And who's that handsome fennec fox nearby?  (He does not come with the chair.)

Below on the left is our Twisted Hunt prize: an unusual hanging lamp made of a wire-wrapped crystals.  It clicks on/off with glow, fullbright, and light.

Twisted Hunt Gift

Sale on Twisted Hunt Coordinating Gifts

In the picture to the left you can also see our coordinating sale: earrings and a necklace with the Twisted gift crystal.  These have the same glow and light functionality, but minimized: instead of illuminating a room, they will cast only small orbs of light across your skin.

These are ON SALE - only 162L from now until March 31st.  Mod/Copy/no-trans.

Moonstar Gacha

Moonstar Gacha
There is also a mini-gacha waiting for you near the arrival spot: four adorable necklaces made with the same star which hangs from the moon-chair Steam Hunt prize.  Their textures echo the Steam and Twisted prizes.  Collect them all at only 25L per play!

Update: As of Friday, 17 March, we've added wrist-cuffs to the gacha as well!  Come play for these unisex designs.  If you catch one you want to keep, exchange it for a Mod/Copy/no-trans one for free.

Weekend Sales

Super Sales Weekend - the Gloriosa Bouquets are only 89L this weekend and next weekend.  That's over half off!  These beautiful potted creations come with a customization script so you can leave a float-text message of your choice.  Mod/no-Copy/Trans.

Birds of a Feather Weekend Sales - we are offering two of the Springtime Flowers & Eggs decorative garden items: Happiness and Sincerity.

The Weekend Sales area is here:


Wyvern Dryke of ~Lantian/Flox~


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