75L Sale on Flowers, plus Upcoming Events

Hello, ~Lantian/Flox~ Friends, we have a sale on Flowers for you--25% OFF our entire stock!  Plus, we'll be appearing in the Home & Garden Expo and the UAC Medieval Faire starting May 19.  More on that soon!

~Lantian/Flox~ Main Store: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mieville%20Kipling/200/101/31

Mother's Day Flowers -  75L Sale

This sale is for everyone, not just Mom.  Every vased flower is on sale, 25% OFF!  Each one is Giftable--that is, no-copy/Yes-Transfer--and marked down to 75L now through Sunday night.  This sale includes all mesh flowers-in-vases: the Gloriosa, hydrangea, lily, and daisy bouquets.  Each comes with the Wyvnote(tm) script for leaving personalized messages for your loved ones.  Please see our New & Sale area for the full display.

Flower Prices Stabilized

Good news!  Earlier this week we sorted our stock of mesh flowers.  The prices varied quite a bit, so we set them all to 99L.  For some, this means a significant cut!  This change means more logical prices for you, our cherished customers, since all flowers are now marked the same.  It also means more consistent discounts in the future, like today's 75L Sale, for example, which now gives the same great deal for all products.  And yes, as always, these flowers will continue to come with the Wyvnote(tm) script for messages.

Home & Garden Expo

Surprise!  ~Lantian/Flox~ was granted a last-minute entry into the Home & Garden Expo, May 19 - June 4.  We will be making some new products (quickly!), plus putting out some recent ones and slipping in some old faves as well.  More on that to come!

UAC Medeival Faire

We will also be participating in the Medieval Faire, May 19-June 18.  Huzzah!  This, like the Expo listed above, is an RFL event so we will be donating a number of items toward the fight against cancer.  Look for new offerings to be announced soon. :)


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