7-21-17 New in the ~Lantian/Flox~ Main Store

New in the ~Lantian/Flox~ Main Store

These recently appeared in the Twisted Fairy Tales Summer Fair.  They're home in our Main Store now, though, so here's a description of them for you.

* Prince Charming Necklace
* Fairy Godmother Lanterns

You can find them here:

~Lantian/Flox~ New & Sale area:

Prince Charming Necklace
Make your fairy tales come true!  This charming necklace comes with a colorful frog and kissy pursed lips on its back.  Click it for green hearts and a *muah!* kiss sound effect..  Necklace is constructed of mesh and sculpt.  Custom textures on the necklace cord, metallic textures throughout.  Comes in copper, gold, gunmetal and green.


Fairy Godmother Lantern

These lights show delicate veins in the fluted glass and beautiful faceted drops.  100% mesh.  2LI at the size packaged: 0.48 x 0.48 x 0.48.  Vivid colors and graceful lines!  Available in six variations.

 That's all of the new products.  There will be more later on but for now, that's it.  :)

Lantian Main Store


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