Steampunk & Grunge Necklaces

Hello ~Lantian~ Friends!

Here's another update full of savings and new items!


First off let me whisper: there are SEVEN (or maybe eight, I lost count) hunt-items currently in the ~Lantian~ Market. Half of these are February hunts I haven't picked up yet, so hurry hurry to grab them before I do! :)

(ETA: I have since picked them up. Sorry! But there are still 3 left.)


To celebrate the start of Steam 4 Hunt, I have put EVERYTHING in the "Steampunk" section on sale **20% OFF!** Now through March 31, 2011. Where is the Steampunk section? Go through the tunnel into the ~Lantian~ Market and turn left.


Beautiful stained glass and copper hearts that "heal" with the clicking of gears and sparks, then smash into many pieces. They are about 1.25m in size, perfect for your wall. Click them over and over, heal through them vicariously, enjoy! (The RED one matches the Steam 4 Hunt Prize, which is a necklace.)

--> 20% off this week, ONLY at the ~Lantian~ Market "Steampunk" Section, in Schazm sim.

~[F]~Art: Smashed Healing Heart, Red v.1.6 McT

~[F]~Art: Smashed Healing Heart, Blue v.1.6 McT

~[F]~Art: Smashed Healing Heart, Green v.1.6 McT


Fantastic new jewelry in two styles: one, to match the smashed & healing hearts above; and two, to match the Twisted Hunt prize. The first have the same delicate stained glass, smashed then healing with beautiful tiny gears and sparks. The second are very intricate, sculpted, triple-necklaces with broken hearts that bleed (click them on-off). We're talking tiny, tiny, intricate pieces here! Beautiful if I do say so myself.

--> 25% off this week, ONLY at the ~Lantian~ Market "New" kiosk, in Schazm sim.

~[F]~Necklace: Smashed Healing Heart v.1.6, Red[boxMCt]
--> Not for Sale until April 1. Steam 4 Hunt gift! :)

~[F]~Necklace: Smashed Healing Heart v.1.6, Blue [boxMCt]

~[F]~Necklace: Smashed Healing Heart v.1.6, Green [boxMCt]

~[F]~Gemchange DropHeart Triple Necklace, Rust [boxMCt]
--> Not for Sale until April 1. Twisted Hunt gift! :)

~[F]~Gemchange DropHeart Triple Necklace, Copper [boxMCt]

~[F]~Gemchange DropHeart Triple Necklace, Silver [boxMCt]

Have a great day. If you need any help, please IM me.
~Wyvern Dryke


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