New & Sales: Kochabiel Male, Baker's Racks, Tassel Rugs

Hello ~Lantian/Flox~ friends!  We have some great new products and awesome sales for you this week. Even better--we're combining the two!  Our sales are 100% new--welllll, almost.

This week, we have guy clothes, beautiful baker's racks and tasseled rugs up for grabs. Check it out. :)

Weekend Sales & New Products

Kochabiel Male Suit

We have a brand new suit to complement the Kochabiel Gown we released last week.  This stunning purple outfit is covered in constellations of bright, shining stars.  And with the specular maps and normals to back it up, you'll be shining everywhere you go!

Come to our Fantasy Faire booth, where both the Kochabiel Suit and Gown are 25% off this weekend!

Reminder of last week - The Kochabiel Gown for ladies.

Yes it's 25% OFF too!



Baker's Rack in Copper

100% mesh, custom textures & materials.  149L Mod/Copy/no-trans.

*On sale this weekend, 50L at SSW Kiosk*

Link to Marketplace:

Baker's Rack with Snacks

100% mesh, custom textures & materials. Plus 2 pies (cherry & multi), 2 sticky roll clusters, and oven mitts. Super low-lag scripted for steam. Note: the snacks do not give/attach.  199L. Mod/Copy/no-trans.

*On sale this weekend, 25% off at SSW Kiosk*

Link to Marketplace:

Shelf & Rack Snack Pack
(try and say that 3x fast!)
With the purchase of any Baker's Rack or Shelf, you can put together your own Snack Pack at 20% discount! How? Make a list of 3-6 ~L/Fx~ snacks you want on your shelf.  Add up the total cost of the snacks, subtract 20%, and pay that amount.  We will assemble the snacks and the custom script free of charge. :)

Introducing the Mesh Tassel Rugs... starting with the Persian Arrows set!

100% mesh with custom textures and normals.  No alpha textures here!  The normal-maps give them depth that ordinary rugs simply don't possess.  Sink into these luxurious carpets, enjoy their round tassels and vibrant designs.   These are a steal at 99L each, Mod/Copy/no-trans.

Persian Arrows, Fountain Blue

The soft blue of sun-baked fountain tiles or water reflecting a desert sky.

*On sale this weekend, 50L at SSW Kiosk*

Link to (you guessed it) Marketplace:
 Persian Arrows, Gold Sand

The tawny yellow-gold of rich desert sand.

*On sale this weekend, 50L at SSW Kiosk*

Persian Arrows, Sunset

Deep red-orange of the sun setting over the dunes.

*On sale this weekend, 25% off at SSW Kiosk*

Persian Arrows, White Sand

The stark, hot white of sand beneath the noonday sun.

*On sale this weekend, 25% off at SSW Kiosk*


Surprise!  Also on Sale...

An old favorite, marked down to 50L this weekend only at the SSW kiosk.

Where is the SSW Kiosk??  

(Aren't you glad you read to the end? <3)

Hugs from Wyvvy!

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