~L/Fx~ News & Sales:Celtic Dragons, Gargoyle, Lost Forest Fountain, and CHG Fair

Hello ~Lantian/Flox~ Friends!  Lots of NEW things, events, and sales this week :)

* New: Celtic Dragon Redux (more!)
* New: Mossy Mordred
* New: Lost Forest Fountains
* Event: CHG Fair
* Sale Items: 35L & SSW

New: More Celtic Dragon Redux!

Our Celtic Dragon Redux necklace turned out to be so popular that we've made more.  Now there are silver, gold, copper and special RFL chrome dragons gleaming and yearning to be yours.  Earrings are also planned for the near future, so keep your eye out!

YES they are on sale, 299L introductory price.  Plus, remember your group discount!  Come to our Main Store, wear your group tag, and use the New vendor for 15% off. :)

New: Mossy Mordred the Gargoyle!

Mordred is a fine hellhound style gargoyle made of stone, with a healthy overgrowth of moss. He comes scripted with glowing eyes.  They click off/on/on-with-pulse (meaning they fade on/off slowly).  He is ideal for any castle, nook, or gothic corner you might have which needs a companion. 

 There are three versions of Mordred, on sale 199L at our Main Store and Marketplace.
**This is also the 99L SSW deal this weekend only; find it at the SSW kiosk at our Main Store.

New: Lost Forest Fountain!

The sound and glimmer of trickling water merges with cool, smooth fronds of ivy.  At the top of this fountain, a small gargoyle (he may look vaguely familiar) muses on some twisted, melted candles.  The Lost Forest Fountain is a mixture of old stone and new life.

Lost Forest Fountain comes in three varieties at 399L each:

** This one is also a SSW 99L deal; find it at the SSW kiosk at our Main Store this weekend only.

Event: Castle, Home & Garden Fair (CHG Event)

We actually have two booths in the CHG Fair, one in the "Seasonal/Holiday" area, and on the "Pern" area.  Please come by!  Traffic is low for this event and it benefits RFL (Relay For Life).



Sale : 35L Deals

Smashable Art, Smashable Pot, Victorian Gaslights - all 35L and all Mod/Copy/no-trans! Friday through Sunday only.

 Happy shopping and a good weekend to you all! *hugs* ~Wyvern Dryke

~Lantian/Flox~ Main Store


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