~L/Fx~News: Mother's Day Flowers & Major Rebuild

Dear ~Lantian/Flox~ Friends,

There's a new place to find new stuff here at ~Lantian/Flox~: a little building dedicated to New & Sale items.  It's part of our rebuild project, designed to make things easier to find and more "village like" here at the Main Store.  Feedback is very welcome while we rebuild!  Please message Wyvern Dryke with any ideas or opinions.

Also, this Sunday in the U.S. is Mother's Day.  Maybe that's why flowers have sprung up everywhere at ~Lantian/Flox~.  Regardless of the reason, there are lovely bouquets of lilies, hydrangeas, and more all awaiting your love.  Even better--they are ALL giftable (no-copy/yes-Transfer).  Let's have a look at some!

 Gloriosa Bouquets
These beauties are bursting with colorful hydrangeas; three types of foliage; and blue, white, or pink lilies in hand (or paw) painted hues.  They are scripted with WyvNotesTM, a simple yet elegant system allowing gift-givers to leave a message in float-text and whisper.

These are on sale all weekend at 99L each (no-copy/yes-Transfer). Please go the Super Sales Weekend kiosk. 

Or buy them on SL Marketplace...





These hand-painted lovelies come in white, blue, and pink.  They sit in a custom-mesh vase with a rich texture of greens, blues, and soft reds.  The WyvNotesTM script is in here as well.

They are on sale for 35L all weekend (no-copy/yes-Transfer).  Please go to the 35L Sunday kiosk.

Or buy them on SL Marketplace...




Hydrangeas normally come in white, blue, and pink.  But Wyvern promised the Goth crowd something they could enjoy, so these come in white, black, and deep purple.  And yes, they too come with WyvNotesTM for leaving a message before giving it to your loved one.

They are on sale for 35L all weekend (no-copy/yes-Transfer).  Please go to the 35L Sunday kiosk.

Or buy them on SL Marketplace...



That's it for this edition.  If you need some help, have questions, or want something custom-made, please drop me a line. Thank you!  Big hugs.
~Wyvern Dryke



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