~L/Fx~35L & 99L & Clothing Week Sale! Hibiscus Kiss, Neckerchiefs, and Old but New Clothes

It's Clothing Week at ~Lantian/Flox~!

It's true, our store does not have a long history with clothes. Typically we make some for special events only to shove them in boxes after.  But really, why must that be the case?  A bunch of events have ended, presenting a great opportunity to show off clothes in looming danger of obscurity.  Hey, even better--let's put them all ON SALE! :D

First and Foremost, the newcomers!

Hibiscus Kiss Dress

This simple, rigged mesh dress comes in five standard sizes.  Beautiful textured velvet, bright colors, and three layers of ruffles give it life and movement.  This is perfect for a party.  It will be featured at the soon-coming Route 66 Event in Mieville.  (And yes, is available "sneak peak" style at our Main Store now!)

Two of these are 99L this weekend, at the SSW Kiosk in our Main Store.  All coordinate with the Hibiscus Kiss neckerchief, below.


These are custom-mesh works hand-made by Wyvern Dryke.  Textures are lovingly baked.  The "Hibiscus Kiss" coordinates with the dresses above, of course.

Their price is normally 99L.  They are 35L this weekend only at our 35L Sunday kiosk in the Main Store. :)  And yes, if you miss the Sunday cutoff, you can still get the group discount from the New vendor.  No worries!

Psychedelic Shirts - Male & Female

These shirts feature an animated, tie-dye texture that flows back and forth across the surface of the shirt.  Male and female are sold separately.  Male has a low-cut V-neck and female has a modest round neck.

Celtic King Cloak-Robe

These elegant long, hybrid cloak-robes are perfect for any male or flat-chested avatar wanting to dress up in a fantasy or medieval setting.  They come to calf-length, approximately, and have lovely celtic knotwork.  They were the featured product for the Medieval Fair this past June.  Now on sale in our "New" building at the Main Store.

They're 399L on the SL Marketplace but 25% OFF at our store (and even less from the New vendor including your group discount...). Here are Marketplace links just in case.

Kochabiel Gown & Outfit

This lovely gown and matching male outfit was our personal favorite from the 2016 Fantasy Faire.  Dark purple velvet and silver stars, this extraordinary work features its own specular and normal maps for a polished, eye-catching look.  It, too, is in our "New" vendor at a significant discount, so come check it out. :)

Have a safe weekend! Big hugs!
~Wyvern Dryke


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