~L/Fx~Ice Cream Party! 50% Sale!

Hello ~Lantian/Flox~ Friends! 

* Ice Cream Party! Treats 50% Off
* New Products:
- blinking electric sign
- new flavors of ice cream cones
- ice cream cookie sammiches :D

~L/Fx~Main Store: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mieville%20Kipling/200/101/31
Route 66 Booth:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mieville%20Shelley/145/69/1018

Ice Cream Party - 50% Off!

It is hot hot HOT where we are, so we decided to have an ice cream party!  Every treat is marked down 50%, but here's the catch: the sale is ONLY at our booth at the Route 66 Festival.

^ That is a forced arrival point. Please walk down to the rounded purple shop on the right called "Flox Snax."  You will find all ice cream treats HALF OFF :)  Even the new ones.  Yay!

New Product - Blinking Ice Cream Sign

Someone introduced a mesh Ice Cream sign this past week in SL.  We decided to make it blink all sorts of colors.  Click for a menu to turn it off/on or one of eight color-schemes.  Just in case you wanted to make your wall (or business) scream: ICE CREAM! :D

Super-lagfree scripted and only 299L, Mod/Copy/no-trans.  At the Rte 66 booth or on MP:

 New Flavors of Ice Cream Cone

 Again, these are 50% at the Route 66 booth or a mere 199L on the Marketplace:

New Product: Ice Cream Cookie Sammiches!

These delicious treats are sammiches (sandwiches) made with two chocolate-chip cookies and ice cream in-between.  100% custom mesh and textures (yep, that means we made every bit of it).  They are pretty darn tasty, if we say so ourselves..

50% off at the Route 66 booth or 249L on the Marketplace:

Have a safe summer (or a warm winter, for you Southern Hemisphere friends)!
Hugs, Wyvern Dryke



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