~Lantian/Flox~Offerings for Fantasy Faire 2017

Hello ~Lantian/Flox~ Friends!  It is Fantasy Faire time again :)  We have a broad range of products this year, and they are all NEW and EXCLUSIVE for the Faire!

Fantasy Faire runs April 20 - 30.

Moonchair Deluxe

Whimsical, moon-shaped furniture with 8 poses, including a temp-attached book.  Uses Avsitter script for no pose-balls, plus includes custom height-adjustment to allow for (almost) any avatar height. 100 % original mesh, baked textures, and materials.  The inside surface is cheese!  Because it's a moon of course!  

(Note: this is similar to the Steam XII hunt prize but with more poses and a better, tweaked mesh.)


~Lantian/Flox~crystal cluster features a subtle pulse-glow that grows and fades.  Feature clicks on/off.  Come take a look with your graphics "Advanced Lighting" turned on, to see how real SL can be. 100% original mesh with baked textures and materials.

(Note: this is the same mesh as featured in our recent charity gift for Elicio Ember--but that version was exclusive and is now gone forever.  We think you'll enjoy these new, vivid textures just as much!)

Triple Star Light
This neat hanging light clicks on/off.  The faceted star-drops hang on a delicate chains and feature unique textures full of color and life.  They come in three varieties you'll see repeated in our Fantasy Faire debut: Opalescent (soft rainbows), Vortex (blue/purple/black), and Lifeworld (greens/blues).  As with the other products, these are 100% unique mesh with baked texture, materials.

Starfall Necklace & Earrings
The delicate chains and faceted star-drops of the lights above make a reappearance here in nano-form.  This this delicate jewelry is available in three color themes: Opalescent, Vortex, and Lifeworld.  100% original mesh with baked textures and materials

Alt Realms Dress
This beautiful mesh dress comes with flexi sleeves for softly-shifting movement to match the flowing movement of the fabric-pattern itself.  It comes in three color schemes to match the jewelry: Opalescent, Vortex, and Lfieworld.

What's on Sale !
Last, and hardly least, items will be ON SALE during the course of Fantasy Faire.  Each vendor will have a chance.  Some items will be on sale more than once.  We have older fantasy items upstairs, too!  So come by to check often!  Here is the locaton:

Fantasy Faire runs April 20 - 30.


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