~L/Fx~Weekend Sales: *NEW* Springtime Medallions

This weekend we are offering new products for our weekend sales...

Look at these adorable designs--two unisex, springtime medallion necklaces to brighten your day!  They are scripted with a slick color-changer to shift 5 different parts between 8 hues of copper, silver, and gold. 99% original mesh (except for the emblem which is purchased mesh).  Have a look!

These are both 99L this weekend only at our Main Store.  Go to the weekend sale area to find them!

We're also offering two Springtime favorites for the Super Sales Weekend: Whimsical Whiskers in "Bubblegum" pink and tasty Marshmallow rabbits and chicks, also in pink.  Happy Spring!

~Lantian/Flox~ Weekend Sales Area:



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