Caduceus Necklaces & HeartMusic

We are pleased to announce two projects that have been a very long time coming. This very special jewelry comes by long request, and you can get them at ~Lantian~ in Schazm sim, or from the online SL Marketplace.


First, we have the HeartMusic series, available in "Peacock" and "Iris" (both named for the stained glass pattern used to make them). This is a new twist on our very popular "Music for the Heart Hunt" prize, with added gemstone. All the heart-shaped gems have a soft glow-pulse like a heartbeat.

Also, with the HeartMusic we are trying something new: earrings to match! These are available for 325L (pendant) and 299L (earrings), Mod/Copy/no trans.


Second, a long-requested item for which sculpts only recently became available: the Caduceus! Symbol of healers, doctors, and medics everywhere. Ours comes in Silver or Gold, and of course it is scripted. When clicked, it gives off a soft green light and glow. The effect toggles on/off for the owner only. These are available for 349L apiece, Mod/Copy/no trans.

If you have any questions, please IM me. Thanks and take care!

~Wyvern Dryke

of ~[FLOX]~ and ~Lantian~


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