Wyvern's Bumper Games - New Invention, Great Fun!

Hello, ~Lantian~ friends, I am pleased to announce a completely NEW type of product. I know, we've been making a lot of jewelry lately, and we won't stop that. But this project arose out of a need to cheer my pack Alpha, and it promises to be LOADS of fun. Ready? Introducing...


A fun game to ride around, bump things, and have a really great time!

First version? BUMPER BOATS.

Now I know what you're thinking: Bah, boring! Boats on the water, big deal. But no. These are colorful, self-propelled little rafts that bump around, bounce, spin wildly, crash into things, and... the best part... the more you hit, the more POINTS you rack up! There are wacky noises, bright colors, beautiful glow-effects when the boats hit things... you truly have to see it to appreciate it.

So they're rezzed here, at sea-level. Come play! :D

-----> http://slurl.com/secondlife/Schazm/70/2/24

(If you end up in the market, take the tp pad to "Fishing/Bumpers".)


As always, here are some pictures and SL Marketplace links. And great news: tier is covered this month! (Thank you!) So all money goes to real-life bills.

Bumper Boats - Starter Kit

(has everything you need to get started)


And of course we need Add-Ons, to make the game even more fun!

Bored with rafts? How about ducks that QUACK? :D


Don't like the regular round explosive targets? How about ones shaped like sealife!


Want more color in your life? The starter-kit comes with green barrels and red crates. But there are plenty more colors!



Whew! That's all for today. And since you've read this far, I offer you a special gift. Send me a notecard with your name and "Angelfish Please" and I will send you, FREE, a special-edition Splody shaped like an angelfish. What does it do? It's a cute little toy that swims around on linden water. (I recommend you build a wall to contain it.) You can use it with the bumper-boats or just enjoy for the fun of it. :)

Questions? Custom items? Please help me? IM Wyvern Dryke.


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