Valentine's Special... or Not? from ~Lantian~

Special for Valentine's Day... or not?

I know not everyone enjoys Valentine's Day. There are those who despise it, for one reason or another. Well I understand that, and here at ~Lantian~ we cater to everyone. So I have specials for BOTH sides of the debate.


YAY Valentine's <3


First, for those who LIKE Valentine's Day, I have a very special "Unlock My Heart" series. Romantic pink copper, keen attention to detail, sculpted beads and bead-caps, and of course.. beautiful heart-shaped locks with keys. Who do you want to unlock your heart? The necklaces are available at the Sales kiosk in-world, 25% off.

Bracelets - Unlock My Heart, pink copper - YES-TRANS version

Bracelets - Unlock My Heart, pink copper - NO-TRANS version

Bracelets - Unlock My Heart, pink copper - with Kiss and Tell script

--> NOTE: these have the very special "Kiss and Tell" script, which I wrote specifically for lovers. Here's a notecard, and I'll gladly put this script into other items, by request.􀀂

Necklace - Unlock My Heart, "Native Rainbow"

Necklace - Unlock My Heart, "Twilight Sky"

And a special note, since you've read this far: there is a white-diamond version of the "Unlock my Heart" necklace available FREE in the ~Lantian~ market, as part of the "Key to My Heart" Hunt. It is no-trans, though, so bring your sweetie if you want to give them one. ;-)


BOOOOO Valentine's >: (


Second, for those who really don't appreciate Valentine's day. I have very special gifts for you! What better says "I hate this time of year" than the opposite of a happy, bright bouquet? That's right: BLACK roses. True black, not recolored. Display them proudly or give them to somebody you think might deserve them. Not into black? How about... ready for this? DEAD roses. Ohhh yeah.

You can get these in our Seasonal department, or from the SL Marketplace. (You will have to "log in" for the Marketplace. They are considered "Moderate" rating for very stupid reasons.)

BLACK Roses in Dirty Heart Vase

BLACK Roses in Filthy Heart Vase

BLACK Roses in Bloody Heart Vase

DEAD Roses in Dirty Heart Vase

DEAD Roses in Filthy Heart Vase

DEAD Roses in Bloody Heart Vase



Love, Wyvern Dryke



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