Lazy Fox Specials!

Dear ~Lantian~ Friends,

What's happening at ~Lantian~ this week? TONS of bargains!  Here's the short list:
  • "Lazy Fox Specials" in Jewelry
  • 60L Secret Sale
  • Hunts: Roses Are Red and Toxic Love
  • Reminders: new bears, Colab, MYO Valentine still going
~Lantian~ Main Store:

"Lazy Fox Specials"

What is a Lazy Fox Special?  Our newest promotion!  We have dug deep into inventory and found many gifts produced for hunts, MM boards, lucky chairs, special occasions, and so on.  It takes a lot of work to box these up, make pictures, and list them on Marketplace.  So... we're not!  Not immediately, anyway.

The result is tons of unboxed, beautiful jewelry ... all priced at discount!  Visit our Wearables > Jewelry section to find the special "Lazy Fox" displays.  (You can't miss them; they are on blue/purple velvet and fill the entire section!)

Plus, a whole bunch of it has hearts/love/Valentine's themes.  So it's perfect for this time of year.  It's no-trans though, so to send something as a gift, just IM Wyvern Dryke.

Important: be aware, the "Lazy Fox Specials" will change over time.  We will remove old ones (as we box them up properly) and add new ones (as we dig them out of inventory).  How long will the process take?  We don't know!  So don't wait long, if you want your discount!  :)

60L Secret Sale

It isn't much of a secret if we promote it in our blog, but here goes: our 60L specials are a metal stand (perfect for holding up hanging lanterns or plants) and a shamrock necklace.  Yes, you heard that right: shamrock necklace.  It was suitably random and shiny.


The "Roses are Red" and "Toxic Love" hunts began on 1 February.  Our prizes are a gorgeous metal cuff-bracelet with ruby and tourmaline roses, and a less-gorgeous, but still eye-catching, bracelet set made of weathered iron, with lock and key.  Both hunts end 28 February.


Just a note that we still have NEW toy bears up to 50% off in the New & Sale Area, 50L Colab "Sewing Heart Bear" (so cute), free group gifts at the arrival point, and "Make Your Own Valentine" in Seasonal  Okay, why are you still reading?  Go get those Lazy Fox bargains before the fox wakes up and packs them! ;-)

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