Secret Sale & Mardi Gras Sale

Dear ~Lantian~ Friends,

Wyvern, what are you doing??  Why, I'm glad you asked :)  I've gone through the store and marked at least 10 items below 100L.  Shh, it's a Secret Sale!

~Lantian~ Main Store :


Yes, for the next 2 weeks!  So what is on offer?  Popular items that we think you'll like.  At least two of them are 0L.  At least one is valued 399L.  And at least one is a "Lazy Fox Special" just introduced last week.  That's right: one of the Lazy Fox Specials is FREE!  Run run, nab it, nab it! :)

Can you find them all?  Here's your hint: check all over the right-hand side of the store, i.e., the "Shop by Section" half (not the "Shop by Theme") half.  There is one (or more!) marked down in every section.  They will also be in boxes and displays, not vendors.  Okay, go! :D

What else is going on?

That's it for now. Enjoy!



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