New Group Gift, Steam & Twisted Hunts

Dear ~Lantian~ Friends,

March is here, and with it, come new group gifts and new hunts!
  • New Group Gift - bonsai tabletop fountain
  • New Hunts: Steam and Twisted
  • News: switching to Caspervend

New Group Gift

Near the landing-point you will find the new group gift on the left: a bonsai tabletop fountain with amber base.  Make sure you are wearing your "Lantian Flox" group tag, to get it.

New Hunts: Steam and Twisted

Steam 8 and Twisted both begin 1 March 2013.  We are set up with new gifts.

For Steam, the theme is "Lost World" by Doyle, so we made a tabletop fountain with the rocky crag featured in that story.  (It is very much like our group gift, except it has the gear's texture on the base.)

For Twisted, the theme is "Delirium," so we made a twisted, dizzy brooch with vaguely-flickering textures one might associate with a delirious state.  It can be worn as a brooch/pin on the front of any shirt, used in place of a clasp for a cloak, or perhaps put into the hair like a bun-holder.  It attaches by default to the chest.

News: Switching to Caspervend

Due to serious, ongoing issues, we are making the switch from BSM to Caspervend vendors.  This will only affect you, our customers, because you will need to replace your BSM store cards with the Caspervend versions.  Once the change is nearly complete, we will rez a vendor near the landing-point which allows you to use BSM store credit to purchase the new cards.  There will be another update with more instructions, then.

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