Lantian Year-Round Trees - Sale EXPANDED!

SALE*SALE*SALE Expanded! Our 50% Off WinterTree Sale has been expanded to cover the brand NEW lines of soft fluffy SpringTrees and dark gothy FallTrees. Come to the ~Lantian~ Seasonal Shop to catch these great deals! Details enclosed. (Also, catch the end of our seasonal hunt!) :)


Trees for Every Season!

That's right, Wyvern had a tree-making fit and came out with not one but TWO new lines of trees! So now, in the Seasonal Area (which we should probably rename the Tree Area), you can find nearly ANY color tree you can imagine. There are pastel WinterTrees with snowflakes, vivid SummerTrees with thick growth, dark FallTrees in rich & gothy hues, and of course light SpringTrees in soft colors. All are very bushy and full. They are sculpted of course, so just THREE prims each!

Great Prices...

Normal Price: 99L for no-copy versions, 349L for copy versions (note: not all are boxed up as "copy" yet, just ask and I'll happily send one).

Sale Price: we are expanding our current 50% off Winter Tree sale. See below.

Discount: There are also variety packs at the end of the row--all 8 WinterTrees for 20% bulk discount! Wow!


This year we are offering a special introductory sale. Two random trees (one copyable, one no-copy) from EACH SEASON will be HALF-PRICE, every day through the end of Sunday, 2 January. At midnight SLT every night, two different trees will be selected.

And I will make a special deal with you: if I sell 50 trees (all colors & seasons combined) before 11:59pm on Sunday, 2 January, I will make ALL Variety Packs HALF-PRICE. That's in addition to the 20% bulk discount! :-)

So tell your friends, and hurry out to the Seasonal Shop at ~Lantian~. We'll be waiting!



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