Hello ~Lantian~ Friends! I am sending you a notecard with a very special sale: our 3prim sculpted WinterTrees are back. Come to the Seasonal Shop every day to get a different pair of trees HALF-PRICE. A number of hunts is happening, too, so come enjoy!




Hello ~Lantian~ Friends & Family ! Some of you may remember our popular WinterTrees from last year. They are freshly-planted now in our Seasonal Department, and looking very festive indeed! Their soft, pastel hues and snowflake-bedecked branches are ideal for any Winter Wonderland, fantasy world, or the joy of your front yard.

These bushy, beautifully-sculpted trees are just 3 prims each. With eight colors to choose from, there is one to match any decor: dark blue, blue, white, lilac, pink-brown, sage, aqua, and purple. They come in two varieties: no-copy/trans for $99L, and copy/no-trans for $349L. There are also variety packs at the end of the row--all 8 kinds for 20% bulk discount! Wow!


This year we are offering a special introductory sale. Two random trees (one copyable, one no-copy) will be HALF-PRICE every day through the end of Sunday, 2 January. At midnight SLT every night, two different trees will be selected.

And I will make a special deal with you: if I sell 50 trees (all colors combined) before 11:59pm on Sunday, 2 January, I will make the 8-tree Variety Packs both HALF-PRICE. That's in addition to the 20% bulk discount! :-)

So tell your friends, and hurry out to the Seasonal Shop at ~Lantian~. We'll be waiting!



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